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     The Zoo Run is our annual rally and charitable motorcycle run raising money for the Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton ND.  It is always held the last full weekend in June meaning Sunday has to land in June.  The Zoo Run is a rain or shine event with camping included.  There are concerts, games, free beverages and much more!   

P.M.C. West Central Humane Society Run

     Held in Alexandria, MN on the last weekend of July every year.  West Central has been proud to raise money for The Lakes Area Humane Society to help them continue the work they do. 

THE LEGEND OF P.M.C.   est. 1985

     Prometheus was a god of ancient mythology.  He is sometimes referred to as "THE REBEL GOD".  Zeus was the king of the ancient gods and he looked on lowly mortals with disdain for the most part.  Prometheus the rebel disagreed with Zeus and stole fire from the gods and gave it to the mortals as a gift.  Prometheus is also credited with giving medicine, arts and sciences to man.  Zeus was angered by this and ordered that Prometheus (for his crimes) be shackled to a mountain.  Evertyday an eagle (some legends say a vulture) would come and eat his liver.  Since Prometheus was a god and immortal his liver would grow back every night.  In that way his punishment and torture could last forever.  After many generations of this, a mortal killed the eagle and freed Prometheus from his torment.  

      Although the legend has the eagle being killed to free Prometheus we used a little "creative license" in designing our club colors.  Our colors show Prometheus (represented as the eagle) flying away from the mountain with a broken chain on his ankle. We chose this to represent Prometheus being freed of his bonds and flying free.  As we feel we do on our motorcycles.

     Prometheus was chosen as the name of our mototcycle club because of his "rebel" nature and his willingness to defy the gods.  As part of their "rebel" nature our club founders decided to differ from other clubs in our choice of a charity to support.  While many clubs support organizations that fight disease or support those less fortunate.  Prometheus M.C. chose to support animals.  

     The Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton, ND was a big part of the lives of our founders as they grew up and they wanted to give back to that so future generations could enjoy the animals also.  Over the years Prometheus M.C. has been one of the largest single, non-corporate supporters of the Chahinkapa Zoo.  While there are  other motorcycle runs that support zoo animals (including the world famous San Diego Zoo) we believe ours is the oldest ZOO RUN in the country.

     Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We hope to see you at one of our functions and thank you for your support!!!

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